Knowledge of Research Methods, Design, and Statistics

I've gained significant theoretical and practical knowledge of research design and statistics through teaching graduate courses and advising graduate student research projects.

Student Supervision and Mentoring

Details and abstracts are available on Students page.

  • Committee member for two completed PhD students
  • Supervisor for two completed research-based master's theses/reports
  • Doctoral committee chair for two current PhD students
  • Doctoral committee member for eight current PhD students
  • Supervisor for over 50 master's projects and individual studies, a subset of which employed research studies

Introduction to Research in Information Studies

Masters-level core course covering the role and value of research.

  • Importance of problem statements and research questions
  • Overview of wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Advantages and disadvantages of available methods
  • Sampling issues, confidence levels and intervals
  • Descriptive versus inferential statistics
  • Frequency distributions, Z-scores, correlation, regression
  • Hypothesis testing, t tests, ANOVA, Chi-square, other non-parametric tests

Introduction to Doctoral Research & Theory

First-semester doctoral studies seminar.

  • Models, theories, and frameworks for research in Information Studies
  • Development of feasible research problems and objectives
  • Strategies for investigating and synthesizing related research literature
  • Skills in effectively communicating research agendas and research findings, both orally and in writing

Digital Libraries Research

Doctoral-level seminar covering advanced issues in digital libraries.

  • Skills and strategies in clarifying and articulating research goals
  • Conducting and writing literature reviews
  • Developing clear problem statements and research questions
  • Research collaboration strategies and practice
  • Communicating research agendas and findings