Doctoral Student Supervision

Committees * Chair of committee

  • Eryn Whitworth*
  • Brandon Wiley*
  • Patrick Williams
  • Arro Smith
  • Sam Burns
  • Carlos Ovalle
  • Ji Hyun Park
  • Jeff Crow
  • Jennifer Noble
  • Hohyon Ryu

Completed Dissertations

  • 2010  Lisa KleinmanAbstract

    Physically Present, Mentally Absent? Technology Multitasking in Organizational Meetings.
  • 2010  Paul Aumer-RyanAbstract

    Information Triage: Dual-Process Theory in Credibility Judgments of Web-Based Resources.

Master's Student Supervision

Master's Reports * Faculty Supervisor

  • 2010  Ramona Broussard*Abstract

    Themes in Videogame Research: A Content Analysis of Scholarly Articles.
  • 2010  Eryn Whitworth*Abstract

    One Butterfly: Understanding Interface and Interaction Design for Multitouch Environments in Museum Contexts.
  • 2006  Megan Peck
    Recommendations for the Texas Archive of the Moving Image.

Master's Theses

  • 2010  Douglas RiceAbstract

    Scholarly Information Sharing among Book and Paper Conservators.

Personal Experience Projects    * Faculty Supervisor    ± Field Supervisor

  • 2011  Emily Clark*Abstract

    Providing Access to an Appalachian Folk Song Collection.
  • 2011  Dana DeLoca*Abstract

    The SCAD Video Project: Exploring Social Conflict in Africa.
  • 2010  Sandra E. YatesAbstract

    Screaming Taglines, Provocative Titles, and Alluring Design: Providing Access to the Interstate Poster Collection.
  • 2010  Sheri Miklaski*Abstract

    Enhancing the UT VRC Resources webpage.
  • 2010  Ame Wongsa*Abstract

    RNA2DMap: Interactive Visualizations in Bioinformatics.
  • 2010  Elizabeth Roberts*Abstract

    A Survey and Plan for Digitizing Audiovisual Holdings.
  • 2010  Arturo Longoria*Abstract

    Evaluation of Education Serials at the Perry-Castaneda Library.
  • 2009  Daniel ShimanAbstract

    Implementing OAI-PMH for The Open Video Digital Library Toolkit Project.
  • 2009  Lauren CawlfieldAbstract

    Mobile eMicrobes: Developing an iPhone Strategy for a Digital Library.
  • 2009  Samantha Mueller*Abstract

    The Tarlton Law Library’s Special Collections & CollectiveAccess.
  • 2009  Anna Lamphear*Poster

    Kigali Memorial Center Archives Online Database and Exhibit.
  • 2009  Claire Boetticher*
    Planning for Digitization and Web Display of the Joyce Horman and Edmund Horman Papers at the Benson Latin American Collection.
  • 2008  Allison King*Poster

    Hansen's Sno-Bliz Web Site and Online Archive.
  • 2008  Jennifer Noble*Poster

    Digitization of the Austin City Limits Photography Archive.
  • 2008  Jesse Martinez*Poster

    OpenCollection and the Museum of the Moving Image: Developing Internet-based Multimedia Collections.
  • 2008  Joshua Coquat*
    Electronic Document Retention Category Assignation for Lower Colorado River Authority.
  • 2008  Karen Holt*
    Web 2.0 Marketing Strategies for the Visual Resources Collection at the School of Architecture.
  • 2007  Henry StokesPoster

    Digital Video Library Interface Design and Evaluation.
  • 2007  Laura Mundee*
    Preservation of Televised Programs of Episcopal Theological Seminary of Southwest.
  • 2007  Laurie Thompson*Poster

    Preservation and Access to the Bob Bailey Film Collection at the Center for American History.


  • 2011  Sara Arnold-Garza*Abstract

    Unifying the Digital Collection Databases at LBJ Library and Museum.
  • 2011  Alida Villatoro*Abstract

    Locating & Digitizing Photographs of UT’s Law Buildings.
  • 2010  Geoff WillardAbstract

    Investigation Into Indexed Television Series Representation And Visualization.
  • 2010  Elizabeth (Elly) Stevens*Abstract

    Enhancing Languages of the Stage: Instruction and Innovation.
  • 2010  Meghan Currey*Abstract

    Human Rights in Texas: Promoting Public Awareness through Glifos Social Media and the Digital Videos of the Texas After Violence Project.
  • 2010  Stephen Pipkin*Abstract

    Archaeological Digital Object Management.
  • 2009  Christine Zepeda*Abstract

    Evaluating Open Source Exhibit Creation Software: Curating a Web Exhibit Using Pachyderm and Omeka.
  • 2009  Wen-Chi Pan*Abstract

    Knowledge Management Shared Network: Digital Information Guide Design.
  • 2009  Jessica Sanders*Poster

    Spreading the Music: Updating the Strategic Plan for the Texas Music Museum.
  • 2009  Shannon Foster*Poster

    Sharepoint - Corporate Agents Database & Programming.
  • 2008  Nate ByrnesPoster

    Information Architecture and User Interface Design for the Texas Past Oral History Project.
  • 2008  Paul Stenis
    Development of Game Scholar, a Reference Database for Video Game Research.
  • 2008  Rebekah Ross*
    Digitization Plan for the Weavers and Spinners Society.
  • 2008  Liza Banks*
    Breast Cancer Education: Improving the Susan G. Komen Web Site.
  • 2007  Ashlynn Wicke*Poster

    Creating Digital Access to Lower Colorado River Authority Photographic Archive.
  • 2007  David Kim*Poster

    Visual Tools for Exhibits in the LBJ Library & Museum Presidential Timeline.
  • 2007  David Zepeda*
    UT Naval ROTC Video Oral History Collection Development and Web Distribution.
  • 2007  Haley Richardson*
    Robert de Niro Audio-Visual Cataloging Project.
  • 2006  Kristopher Kelly ±Poster

    Developing a Video Metadata Crosswalk Tool.