Revs Program at Stanford

Informational website for a new program at Stanford University

2012 – 2013

The Revs Program at Stanford is an effort to establish a new trans-disciplinary field connecting the past, present and future of the automobile. Established in 2012, the program aims to foster an intellectual community around the automobile, bridging the humanities and fine arts, social sciences, design, science and engineering, and the professions. The Revs Program sponsors teaching and learning opportunities (recent sponsored courses were offered by in departments of mechanical engineering, design, urban studies, art history, and communications), research, and public talks. The Revs Program is separate, although closely related, to another project I helped produce, the Revs Digital Library.

My contribution to the Revs Program at Stanford project was to design and develop the program website. After conducting user research to better understand the goals of the project and the intended audience, I developed several user experience design documents to guide the site development. In addition to concept diagrams and user personas, these included a set of interactive wireframes, which I judged to be the best method convey the proposed site structure and details to this particular set of project stakeholders.

Because site would be updated by the Revs Program (non-technical) staff and future development resources would be minimal, I developed the site in Drupal. The completed website includes photo galleries, a newsletter signup form, a blog, and pages for announcing and describing Revs-related events, courses, and research. The site has been very successful. The Revs Program staff regularly update it with new blog posts and event announcements, course descriptions, and photo galleries, and no significant development involvement has been needed since the site went into production in 2012.

My Role: I did the user research, user experience design, and the development of the complete website.

More Information

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Interactive wireframes Link
HTML-based, clickable wireframes of proposed site design.
The Road & Track collection acquisition Link
Short (2:48) video about Stanford's acquisition of the very large Road & Track collection.


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A related project that I also worked on, the Revs Digital Library.
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The website of the Revs Program funder.