Recent Projects

Preview image for Revs Digital Library project

Revs Digital Library

Over 400,000 images documenting the history of the automobile

Preview image for Spotlight project


A self-service tool for creating websites that showcase digital collections

Preview image for Revs Program at Stanford project

Revs Program at Stanford

Informational website for a new program at Stanford University

Preview image for Bassi-Veratti Collection project

Bassi-Veratti Collection

An access and discovery interface to a digitized archival collection

Preview image for eMicrobes project


A digital library for teaching infectious diseases

Preview image for Indexing and Analysis of Film & TV project

Indexing and Analysis of Film & TV

Visualizations and tools using indexed film data

Older Projects

Preview image for Open Video DL Toolkit project

Open Video DL Toolkit

Making web-based video collections easy

Preview image for Archive of American Television project

Archive of American Television

Indexed video interviews with pioneers of TV

Preview image for Austin Historic Survey Web Tool project

Austin Historic Survey Web Tool

Participatory site for historic property records

Preview image for Cultivating DL Faculty project

Cultivating DL Faculty

Academic program supporting four PhD students

Preview image for ScienceCheck project


Participatory site for scientific methods

Preview image for Game Scholar project

Game Scholar

A reference database for video game research

Preview image for Open Video Project project

Open Video Project

An open access digital video repository

Preview image for AgileViews project


A framework for designing information seeking interfaces

Preview image for iLumina Digital Library project

iLumina Digital Library

Sharable teaching materials for undergraduate education

Preview image for Recommendation Explorer project

Recommendation Explorer

Early explorations in interaction design for recommender systems

Preview image for Celtic Art & Cultures project

Celtic Art & Cultures

Innovative use of web-based multimedia to teach art history

Preview image for IBM WebSphere project

IBM WebSphere

Sample applications for application server software product