Digital Libraries Research

Doctoral-level seminar covering advanced issues in digital libraries

Taught in 2010

This course is intended to focus on the development of digital library projects that are informed by current digital library research and innovations, using formal research methods. I taught the course as part of an IMLS-funded grant to educate future faculty with expertise in the area of digital libraries. Since most of the students in this course were first- or second-year doctoral students, I designed it so that they would have the opportunity to both gain an understanding of the current research landscape in the area of digital libraries and to develop a focused research project that could extend beyond a single semester.

The 12 students who enrolled in this course worked in three groups on distinct, substantial research projects. Through informal presentations of work-in-progress and class discussions, students were able to practice skills and strategies in clarifying and articulating research goals, conducting literature reviews, carrying out initial stages of a research project, and communicating research agendas and findings.

This is one of four courses in a curriculum — within the larger UT School of Information doctoral program — that my co-PIs and I developed for the Cultivating Digital Librarian Faculty grant.

Course Sections Taught

Spring, 2010 Syllabus and website