Creating and Using Digital Media Collections

Hands-on course exploring ways to improve access to digital media collections

Taught in 2007, 2008, 2009

My version of this course typically utilizes several different media collections to explore technologies and techniques for organizing and enhancing digital media resources to make them more useful for study, exploration, and relating to other information resources. Although there are an increasing number of websites that provide useful ways of interacting with multimedia, there remain many possibilities for greatly enhancing the potential value of online multimedia collections, particularly for learning and research, and this course provides students a framework for exploring that potential.

The digital collections used in the course vary but topic usually include at least some of the following: digitization, workflow, and project management; video encoding for online access and preservation; transcription of audio and video materials; cataloging, indexing, and tagging digital media resources and collections; distribution and access issues; user interface design and usability testing.

Students in past versions of the course worked with staff at television station KLRU to design innovative designs for the Austin City Limits and Central Texas Gardener television shows, developed ideas for digital representations of the Robert De Niro archive and the Interstate Poster Collection housed at the nearby Harry Ransom Center, indexed interviews of the Mike Wallace Interview show for the Harry Ransom Center, indexed video interviews for the Texas Legacy Project, and produced a range of prototypes for other interesting media collections.

Course Sections Taught

Spring, 2009 Syllabus and website
Spring, 2008 Syllabus and website
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