Indexing and Analysis of Film & Television

Facilitating easier visualization and analysis of film & television media

2009 – 2011

Film and television media is the focus of intense interest by large numbers of fans, scholars, aspiring filmmakers, students, and others. Technological advances in recent years have created many more possibilities for how film and television can be studied, discussed, taught, and enjoyed. These advances, combined with a public that is increasingly able, willing, and motivated to become not just consumers but also producers, suggest that there is both a need and a means to create a resource that would serve these goals. By making it easier to generate detailed data about film and television media on a large scale, this project aims to facilitate the production and sharing of media related artifacts and improve the discussion and analysis of media.

On the project thus far, I have worked with students at the UT School of Information to index 12 features films and 8 television programs, including more than 2,500 scenes and 13,000 shots. Because this is a labor-intensive process, I've also been developing a framework for accomplishing this work using crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing would take advantage of the large numbers of people with interests in film and television media. By making the results of crowdsourced indexed media available to people in a useful form — and to provide ways for people to view and share artifacts produced from these results — I hope to encourage participation in the project on a large scale.

To this end, we're currently developing ideas for using gamification to encourage participation in the project. Other issues I am investigating include exploring where and how automated indexing can be employed, strategies for assessing and maintaining accuracy in the data collected, and issues related to copyright.

Related Publications

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