Cultivating Digital Librarianship Faculty

Grant-funded curriculum and activities supporting four doctoral students

2008 – 2011

Along with fellow UT faculty members Dr. Luis Francisco-Revilla and Dr. Lynn Westbrook, I obtained a four-year, $978,617 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to design and execute a program to develop four School of Information doctoral students to become future academic leaders in the area of digital libraries. In this “Cultivating Digital Librarianship Faculty: Tomorrow's Leaders in Research and Curriculum Development” (CDLF) program, we are combining coursework, hands-on research projects, and engagement with the digital library scholarly community to move the CDLF students towards their doctoral degrees and becoming innovative leaders. We intend to share the CDLF program research and instructional materials with the broader academic community as the program matures.

Each student in the CDLF program works closely with one of the faculty team as primary advisor and personal mentor. I am working with students Brandon Wiley and Eyrn Whitworth in the general area of multimedia digital libraries. Currently, Brandon and I are: 1) examining the technical and economic feasibility of cloud computing for hosting and managing digital libraries, and 2) developing an experiment to assess the influence of compression scheme and image size on user comprehension of video preview surrogates. Eryn and I have been working on: 1) interaction design to facilitate the development of web-based media collections, and 2) the use of games as a means for crowd-based indexing of film and television media.


Cultivating Digital Librarianship Faculty: Tomorrow's Leaders in Research and Curriculum Development
Funded by Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)
2008-2012 · $978,617 · Co-Primary Investigator

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